24 Dec 2012

The 11 Player Personas

The secret to being a really successful player relies in your ability to change your persona, act differently, take on a variety of roles that fit best with your personality and surroundings. Your game will suffer dramatically if you’re only able to have a single persona, as it will mean scoring only a single type of women.

This article is here to show you 11 different player personas and how each of them works. While each individual player can get a lot of women, the one that can successfully play more personas will be the one that scores the most.

1. The Bastard Player: This player likes to constantly tease and insult women. His game works particularly well on younger women (18-22) as by the time they get older, they get fed up of his cockiness and bullshit. He is a master at getting one night stands but unfortunately he can never get much more than that, mostly because they realize he’s a total ass but also because he wouldn’t really want to take thing further anyway.

2. The Big Shot Player: This player has and likes to spend a lot of money. He goes out clubbing with his similarly high rolling friends, looking fresh and throwing money all over the place. Not much game needs to be unloaded here as there’s always going to be some “money friendly” women that make their presence known.

3. The Incredibly Direct Player: This player is very well known in the United Kingdom and also in Brazil (as I’ve been told he was born there). Unfortunately he’s not able to hold a conversation with any particular chick but that doesn’t slow him down. He goes up to unsuspecting subjects, pulls them up close and talks for no more than one minute before he initiates the makeout. He doesn’t worry if the girl tries to pull away, he just holds her tight whilst trying to open her mouth with his tongue. I’ve personally seen guys do this and it does work. If you want to try it out do it just before closing (during desperation hour), when everyone is drunk, lonely and horny.

4. The Popular Player: This player is popular and he knows it. It doesn’t really matter for what reason (plays football, had sex with 1000 women, plays in a band) as long as enough women in the area (town, city, college) have heard about him. The social proof itself is enough to get him laid. One word of advice for this player – learn some game before your popularity disappears because once that’s gone you’re going to have a hard time scoring.

5. The Slick Player: This player scores chicks by telling them about all the interesting things he does, has done or is about to do. He’s got good conversational skills and can make girls laugh and feel good all the time. He makes girls think that he’s an incredible guy. He usually has a very easy time with daytime pick-ups because conversation is pretty much the only thing you can do during the day. Night-time also favors him but not in places where the music is too loud. This is a persona I often rely on.

6. The Reckless Player: This player doesn’t have time for logistics or other small details. He bursts into a club and starts approaching all the girls he sees, 10-20-30 a night without a problem. He doesn’t care about the ones that reject him because he knows there’s plenty more to come. This works very well if you really don’t know what you’re doing or…if you really don’t know anyone or anything about the people in the venue (example: you’re an American guy in a salsa club in Spain).

7. The Online Player: This player likes to hook up online. He makes an amazing profile that doesn’t tell much about him, picks out his best pictures (many of whom have girls in them), creates a fantastic first message and sends it out to all the girls in his age group (or younger) on all the popular online dating sites (plenty of fish, match etc). After a very long wait and short number of replies he finally manages to meet a girl that doesn’t look close to anything that was shown in the pictures but he’ll try to bang her anyway.

8. The Drug Abuse Player: This player knows that some girls “love to party” so he casually drops hints (I’ve got a ton of coke back at my mansion) during his conversation with them. Although he probably shares a flat with 5 other dudes, the girls won’t really care as long as there’s “some” of the party treats promised. I’ve personally never tried this because I don’t do “hard” drugs however, it does work. Just make sure you have the treats promised or at least grind some caffeine pills and pray she doesn’t notice.

9. The Last Player: This player likes to hang on to the end of all parties. He doesn’t pass out nor does he puke but rather he waits till the end. He waits for his friends to leave, then for her friends to leave and takes full advantage of the “last man in the world” scenario. At this point, he’s drunk and horny, she’s also drunk and horny so it’s obvious that sex is the natural progression of things.

10. The Artsy Player: This player describes himself as a fantastic artist that is trying to create some amazing piece of art whist barely being able to make a living. He is genuinely suffering for his art and the girls see this pain. Because most women meet guys that pretend to, or actually have money (lawyers, doctors, office working dudes) the artist player is seen as unique. This uniqueness often takes him all the way to the bedroom, her bedroom more specifically as the artsy player still lives with his mom (which also makes another point about his situation).

11. The Shady Player: This player’s main focus is getting back to her bedroom. He knows that once in the same bed, sex has a high chance of occurring. He does everything in his power to get into that bedroom. This includes things like missing his last train, not having any money to go home, missing his ride, losing his friends or any sort of excuse that will appeal to her emotional side, just enough to get her to say YES to going back to her place. I personally use this one a lot because it pays to be shady and helps me rack up those one night stands.

Being a player is about adapting to your surroundings and adjusting your persona accordingly. For example if I’m talking to a young chick I’ll be the bastard player and then the shady player so I can extract myself back to her place. If I’m in a new country or even city I often become the reckless player since I’ve got no idea about what the women in that particular venue expect from a guy. It’s never a good idea to rely on only 1 single persona.

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