31 May 2010

The 10 Hottest Greek Women

When talking about the world’s hottest women, Greece should always be one of the countries mentioned because it was clearly blessed with a lot of smoking hot babes. Greece is the land of Gods and Goddesses and we’ve already posted a couple of girls from this country worthy of actually calling them “goddesses”.

With its temperate Mediterranean weather, delightful beaches and tons of islands Greece might be one of the best places to visit this summer and the women from this country are definitely another attraction that will make you wanna go there.

Greek hotties are pretty well kept secrets and probably a lot of the girls we’re about to show you will be new names and faces for you but we’re sure you will be glad we’ve introduced them to you. So, since I’ll probably visit this country for about one week this summer, we’ve decided to make a special list with the 10 Hottest Greek Women that might keep you occupied for a while.

Ready to droll? Let’s kick off the list with number 10!

10. Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou top 1

Helena is a popular Greek singer with chart topping success and a body that will drop your jaw straight to the floor. She was born and raised in Sweden though but she’s all Greek and besides singing in her native’s country language she also represented Greece to some International song contests. In 2005 she had her biggest success when she managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest for Greece with the song “My Number One”. I’ve listened to the song and it was quite ok but she probably won it with her rocking body! I’d vote her too for that.

Helena Paparizou top 1 Helena Paparizou top 2 Helena Paparizou top 3 Helena Paparizou top 4 Helena Paparizou top 5 Helena Paparizou top 6 Helena Paparizou top 7 Helena Paparizou top 8 Helena Paparizou top 9

9. Evelina Papantoniou

Evelina Papantoniou top 1

This beauty is one of Greece’s top professional fashion models and actresses. Evelina won several beauty pageants such as the title Miss Star Hellas in 2001 and represented Greece at the Miss Universe 2001 pageant winning 1st runner-up which is really impressive. Since then she rocked the pages of several mens magazines from Greece and continued to show off her amazing body for some famous designers.

Evelina Papantoniou top 1 Evelina Papantoniou top 2 Evelina Papantoniou top 3 Evelina Papantoniou top 4 Evelina Papantoniou top 5 Evelina Papantoniou top 6 Evelina Papantoniou top 7 Evelina Papantoniou top 8 Evelina Papantoniou top 9

8. Christina Koletsa

Christina Koletsa 1

Christina Koletsa is a Greek singer who, like, sings songs and stuff and she’s so hot my monitor is literally melting. Apparently she sings some kind of pop or techno music in Greek but since we can’t really understand what she’s singing we’ll have to settle with gawking at her mesmerizing body. Singers are sooo much better in other countries and my goodness, this girl is really sexy!

Christina Koletsa 1 Christina Koletsa 2 Christina Koletsa 3 Christina Koletsa 4 Christina Koletsa 5 Christina Koletsa 6 Christina Koletsa 7 Christina Koletsa 8 Christina Koletsa 9

7. Natali Thanou

Natali Thanou 1

Natali Thanou is another Greek goddess who loves to pose for the camera almost as much as her love for singing. She won numerous awards as a member of a Greek choir and by 16 she already began her modeling career and has since been featured in several magazines including Maxim, Max, Play Boy, Madamme Figaro and so on. I personally think that Natali Thanou is one of the best looking blondes that I’ve ever seen.

Natali Thanou 1 Natali Thanou 2 Natali Thanou 3 Natali Thanou 4 Natali Thanou 5 Natali Thanou 6 Natali Thanou 7 Natali Thanou 8 Natali Thanou 9

6. Maria Louiza Vourou

Maria Louiza Vourou 1

This hot little beauty apparently co hosts something called ShowBiz News which I think it’s some kind of gossip TV show from Greece with a huge viewership. Probably she’s the reason why most men watch the show because even I’d take a look at that just to see a bit of her. With her gorgeous body she probably did a couple of things as a model too and she was featured in a couple of mens magazines including Maxim and finally got the appreciation she deserves.

Maria Louiza Vourou 1 Maria Louiza Vourou 2 Maria Louiza Vourou 3 Maria Louiza Vourou 4 Maria Louiza Vourou 5 Maria Louiza Vourou 6 Maria Louiza Vourou 7 Maria Louiza Vourou 8 Maria Louiza Vourou 9

5. Olga Farmaki

Olga Farmaki 1

Olga Farmaki is another one of those children of Aphrodite who entice us with their heavenly charms. She rocked many magazines with that hot body of hers and thankfully in some magazines she showed every inch of her delightful body and if you do a bit of research you can uncover some amazing pictures of Olga. This girl is a model who proves once again that Greek women are simply amazing and she seems to be always hot in every pictures I’ve found with her.

Olga Farmaki 1 Olga Farmaki 2 Olga Farmaki 3 Olga Farmaki 4 Olga Farmaki 5 Olga Farmaki 6 Olga Farmaki 7 Olga Farmaki 8 Olga Farmaki 9

4. Ria Antoniou

Ria Antoniou 1

Ria Antoniou is hot, sexy and beautiful and these are probably the words used most often by anyone to describe her. She’s really young and she’s already a sensation in Greece after winning the Miss Peloponissus beauty pageant in 2007. After that contest she represented her country in Model of the World pageant and finished in the second place and since then she graced on the covers of several mens magazines showing her perfectly shaped body and unique hotness. This is as close to perfection as it gets, folks…

Ria Antoniou 1 Ria Antoniou 2 Ria Antoniou 3 Ria Antoniou 4 Ria Antoniou 5 Ria Antoniou 6 Ria Antoniou 7 Ria Antoniou 8 Ria Antoniou 9

3. Eva Laskari

Eva Laskari 1

I haven’t found too many things about Eva Laskari. She’s probably a Greek celebrity, maybe a model because I’ve found A LOT of drool inducing pictures with her. It seems that everyone is so obsessed with her hot pictures on different magazines that they forget about writing some interesting stuff about her. Eva loves to show off her groovy body wearing more or less clothes and she’s definitely one of the most amazing women from Greece.

Eva Laskari 1 Eva Laskari 2 Eva Laskari 3 Eva Laskari 4 Eva Laskari 5 Eva Laskari 6 Eva Laskari 7 Eva Laskari 8 Eva Laskari 9

2. Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou 1

Julia Alexandratou is definitely one of the most beautiful girls to come out from the beautiful Greek isles. This perfect blonde got her start in beauty pageants at just 15 when she won a Miss Young pageant and since then she continued to dominate the beauty pageant scene with her gorgeous body. Her incredible looks got her into television and apart from being a successful model and tv host she also released a couple of music albums. We’ll just focus on her gorgeous looks here because that’s what we like the most about her and boy, she’s incredibly stunning!

Julia Alexandratou 1 Julia Alexandratou 2 Julia Alexandratou 3 Julia Alexandratou 4 Julia Alexandratou 5 Julia Alexandratou 6 Julia Alexandratou 7 Julia Alexandratou 8 Julia Alexandratou 9

1. Christina Stefanidi

Christina Stefanidi 1

There are pretty much no questions, ifs and/or buts about it: Christina Stefanidi is probably the hottest Greek woman on the planet and she’s probably one of the most amazing girls in the whole world. This babe definitely deserves the title of “Greek goddess” and she’s so hot that I don’t really know what to say about her. She’s the type of girl that will leave men speachless and her ridiculously hot body with those smooth curves, luscious lips and sultry eyes can instantly grab your attention. If you’re gawking too much at her amazing features, you will be hooked instantly! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Christina Stefanidi 1 Christina Stefanidi 2 Christina Stefanidi 3 Christina Stefanidi 4 Christina Stefanidi 5 Christina Stefanidi 6 Christina Stefanidi 7 Christina Stefanidi 8 Christina Stefanidi 9 Christina Stefanidi 10 Christina Stefanidi 11 Christina Stefanidi 12 Christina Stefanidi 13 Christina Stefanidi 14 Christina Stefanidi 15 Christina Stefanidi 16 Christina Stefanidi 17 Christina Stefanidi 18