30 Jun 2010

Tetyana Veryovkina is being a major tease/turn on

Tetyana Veryovkina Fox Uomo 1

I have absolutely no clue who Tetyana Veryovkina is but all I know is… she’s smokin’ and she was just featured in the July 2010 Issue of the Italian mens magazine Fox Uomo. This babe is a blonde stunner with the right curves in all the right places and I think this is only her first magazine appearance.

After minutes of struggling to get her name right, we finally managed to google her and search for some info but unfortunately we haven’t found almost anything about her. Her name sounds Russian and she’s just about to become popular in Italy so I guess she’s a hot model who tried her luck in this country or something.

So, if you know anything about Tetyana Veryovkina we’d be delighted to hear more about her. We also hope she’s going to do more photoshoots like this one because she’s surely a treat for our eyes!