22 Oct 2013

Tetyana Piskun is fresh and sexy

I’m always willing to try a new, fresh thing – even if it’s not my style. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more I’d like to take a sip of right now than sweep cup of Ukrainian hotness Tetyana Piskun and her temptress ways. Damn, she’s looking appetizing in them lingerie outfits from Agent Provocateur, isn’t she?! Challenge accepted!

Say what now? I think I might have bragged about this one, since no man alive could face this foxy blonde in these sultry, birthday present, sexy lingerie outfits. Sure, you could be dead in a while, but no difference; you’d be as stiff as.. me, right now! Stiffness is on a need to know basis: you don’t need to know anything about this hottie for her to get you.. off.

It’s a nice surprise to find such a young sweetie out, taking over the world – she’s 22 years old – and after gawking at some of her pictures, there’s a lot of potential here; granted, she doesn’t seem to be that close to perfection in this photo-shoot – maybe she missed out on some fitness classed – but trust me: there’s perfection in them darn hills! Enjoy Tetyana Piskun!