12 Jul 2012

Terra Jo Wallace is new, uber cute and uber hot

Gosh, if you guys don’t believe in love at first sight yet, you probably will after this post. Here’s an adorably hot up and coming model from LA, who goes by the name  Terra Jo Wallace, showing off her perfect little body and all around sweetness in sexy swimwear for Planet Blue.

Wow, I have a feeling that little peach is going to become one of the most popular and drooled over supermodels on the planet pretty soon, and you can easily see why by looking at any one of these ridiculously sexy photos. She’s absolutely stunning and her body is beyond sexy and perfect from head to toe.

But what I like even more about Terra is that awesome look and smile which makes me melt instantly.. She’s the type of girl I’d actually bring home to meet my folks and I’d probably take her out for a romantic dinner or something. If these photos won’t make you remember Terra Jo Wallace‘s name from now on then.. I guess nothing will. Enjoy!