11 Nov 2013

Tender loving care from the sweet Luiza Freyesleben

I hate Mondays! Yup, it’s a universal constant, so there’s nothing we can do about it, but there are some things out there that might brighten up your day, such as an extended gallery of Brazilian hottie Luiza Freyesleben posing around in some swimwear outfits, from Littlewoods. After a hard-core workout at the gym, this could actually work – a dose of tender loving care from this uber sweet babe.

Dat fine, perfectly shaped and toned a$$ is so hot you could melt entire icebergs, mold continents and ’cause climates to change with it. This sweetie has proven she’s got the goods and the talent to impress any man alive, including me; that’s why I’m drooling and sweating as a pig at this very moment. Not a pretty picture, but I’m feeling better, so it’s OK.

Every inch of this girl’s body is close to perfection, but that round and seemingly tasty bottom takes the cake. Just look at this young, cute goddess from Brazil and tell me.. could you handle it? Well, I’m sure you’d love a test drive. I’m glad this hottie is getting a lot of attention lately and I’m sure she’ll be back in our minds again soon! Enjoy!