7 Sep 2017

Tell Me Where You Live And I’ll Tell You When You’ll Die

There are a lot of factors that determine how long your life is going to be: the type of food you eat, how much sleep you are getting, even the way you dress has an effect on your life expectancy. But did you know that by just choosing where you live can also have a serious effect on how long your life is going to be?

Tell Me Where You Live

As if our lives are not short enough as it is.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, there are different factors that determine the life expectancy of a person in relation to where one lives. For instance, a recent research has found out that where you live also tells you how much you are at risk of diabetes and obesity.

But don’t worry, as much as we think that we are living shorter, Americans are actually living longer as compared to a decade ago. The average male now lives for 77 years, and an average female lives up to 81 years.

Now, for the numbers.

As for the specific places, people who live in Colorado’s ski county live the longest in the country. That’s an average of 87 years. That is a huge difference to those who live in the counties of North and South Dakota, and the same with Appalachia and the Mississippi River basin, who live the shortest as low as 66 years – and that’s probably an average man trying to live healthy there.

The biggest factor said to play these numbers are access to healthcare. But there are also other things to think of as well, such as the economic status of the people living there and the crime rate. In the end, it still boils down to how you live your life and how much you let these factors affect you, but if you MUST move, then why not go to where you can live the longest? To where you can still enjoy fresher air, lesser traffic, and nice home cooked meals?