5 Dec 2012

Technics Harley 883 Sportster by Rolands Sands

This is definitely one of the most interesting custom bikes I’ve ever seen, probably the first time an audio technology company got involved with the bike scene. Technics, the audio brand in question, teamed up with Rolands Sands of RSD to create a custom motorcycle inspired by their iconic range of DJ Equipment, based on a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster.

This Harley has been transformed slowly into a stealthy cafe racer that’s reminiscent of Technics’ most iconic headphones and turntables. It has turntable-styled wheels with the solid discs painted to mimic a slipmat while the outer edge features the same machine dot pattern from the Technics turntables.

It also featured a couple of bolt on “Cafe” parts that make it look really aggressive, like the controls, clip-on bars, instruments, air cleaner, pegs, exhausts and lighting and it also comes with a Cafe style seat and a unique fuel tank. The bike’s stance has been revised with longer shocks at the rear and a couple of tweaks up front that level the bike out.

The Technics Harley 883 Sportster is not just a show piece, it’s apparently just as functional as the original Harley it was based on. The bike was finished with a Technics black and silver paint scheme and custom RSD/Technics badges.