29 Dec 2010

Tatiana Shamratova looking uber sexy in lingerie

Tatiana Shamratova La Senza

Oh no… for a moment I’ve thought we won’t have any hotness to share with you guys today but then I’ve discovered  this new girl that you’ve probably never heard of posing in lingerie. Yup, it’s just another round of lingerie goodness with a model that’s new for us and of course, new for you too, right?

Her name is Tatiana Shamratova and well.. she’s way hotter than her name. She’s a young Russian model from what I found out and she definitely has the right curves in all the right places to be successful in her modeling career. I know you’re probably used to see a lot of hotties in lingerie on our site and you’re not easily impressed but… this should be like a surprise for you guys: wow, new girl and wow, hot looking new girl, right?

Anyways, here’s this new Russian model, Tatiana Shamratova, looking absolutely incredible in La Senza lingerie for us all. I’d love it if she would prance around in sexy lingerie all day long at my place.