24 Oct 2013

Tasty Luiza Freyesleben is one sweet piece of cake

A good day to be alive – well, not for me since my entire body feels like one gigantic bruise from all the interior decorating; but for you guys it is, since I bring you a much needed dose of sweet, tender, naughty love, and you know you love Brazilian hottie Luiza Freyesleben waiting for you to melt some ice cubes on her toned physique, flaunted in some Colors do Brasil swimwear outfits. Just admit it!

As predicted – and wished upon – this foxy Latina is back, and this time I’m drooling my a$$ off, with no time for criticism.Nothing but praise today at this counter, madam! Now you look at this Brazilian sweetie and tell me you wouldn’t try to hit that!? Hey, there was no talk of respect. A man’s a man and I’m.. just plain old horny.

Dat a$$! This fine, perfectly shaped and sexy young peach Luiza Freyesleben is driving me insane; but that round and seemingly tasty bottom takes the cake. Don’t get me wrong, this babe’s got the whole package. Just look at this young, cute goddess from Brazil.. I’m sure this hottie is getting your attention; surely she’ll get much more in my mind tonight! Enjoy!