4 Oct 2011

Tara Booher is so freaking sexy, I want to date her

Well Hellloooo Beautiful! I’ve actually been holding off on posting these photos, but today seems like the perfect day to do so… We’ve kicked off the day with a drop dead gorgeous blonde hottie from Florida (Kate Upton) and the girl you’re about to see right now is also from Florida and she’s a ridiculously stunning blonde as well.

So… here’s the adorably hot Tara Booher, looking drop dead sexy and justifying why I’ve said I want to date her in this wonderful Joey Wright Photoshoot. I’m gonna pause here a little to check out these drool inducing photos and.. wooow, she’s one scorching hot babe, eh?

She’s uber cute and her body seems like it was created after taking a survey on what the definition of a sexy woman is.  She’s just 21 right now so we’re probably going to see a lot more of her in the future and.. all I can say is that I can’t wait!! If these photos won’t make you remember this girl’s name then I guess.. nothing will.