10 Dec 2013

Take a tour of Frank Sinatra’s NYC penthouse

I actually fear Sinatra, although he’s been dead for a long time; don’t get me wrong, ’cause I respect the guy – even though I’m not really a fan of his music – but all those stories and rumors about his gang and pals get me chills down my spine. Although, if you were to consider him a mobster, Sinatra would be the classiest one ever. But I often wonder how a day in the legend’s life was, and here’s your chance to find out. If you’ve got $6 million you can own the 3,200+ square foot apartment that belonged to the Hoboken-born Frank Sinatra. Otherwise, follow me!

His former New York City penthouse is a landmark of a Manhattan residence, designed by Sinatra himself. It features four bedrooms, six baths, and two terraces that offer incredible views of the the East River from every room. Since Sinatra’s days, the residence has been completely renovated.

You’ll find a living space with a marble, wood-burning fireplace, beamed ceilings, a large dining area, and a gourmet kitchen. There’s even a glass spiral staircase – so you can feel like you’re in the Apple Store – that gets you up to the master bedroom. Check out the gallery for a visual tour of the penthouse.