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Shanina Shaik is finger lickin’ good

Damn, dudes! It's way too cloudy and cold for my taste, but no worries. My savior and future ex-wife, the lovely Australian hottie Shanina Shaik is looking like her usual uber hot self and will ...

Yep, Shanina Shaik is a 10/10 on the sextastic scale

Well, well, well, what have we here? Is that really my uber crush from Australia, the adorably hot Shanina Shaik, looking ridiculously sexy in a couple of swimsuits? Damn right it is! Shanina decided to ...

Shanina Shaik will induce drooling within seconds

Gosh, yesterday we went to an awesome pool party and we totally forgot to post the rest of the articles we had planned but... we're back in action today with the usual dose of hotness ...