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Showbiz Hottie: Rosario Dawson, The Hottie That Is Everywhere

This actress is everywhere. She is not only stunningly beautiful off and on camera but she is also immensely talented and resourceful when it comes to her craft. Seriously if you would only be observant ...

Showbiz Hottie: Mesmerizing with a Hint of Sex Appeal Rosario Dawson

American babe Rosario Dawson is as good as it gets. Her impressive appearances in many films continue to astound the avid moviegoer. But it's her beauty that has caught our attention. Her lists of movies can't ...

Rosario Dawson will leave your jaw on the floor

So Rosario Dawson was just featured in the latest issue of the German GQ and I just did a quick search on our site to see when was the last time we posted a bit ...