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Isabeli Fontana is so hot in lingerie it should be illegal

Sweet Jesus! Almost choked on my pizza, that's how hot this sassy babe is. But don't get your hopes up, there's no time for chillin'; this day is gonna get hotter and hotter. One of ...

Isabeli Fontana is perfect from head to toe!

Wow, and I thought Brazilian bombshell Isabeli Fontana couldn't get any hotter after the hundreds of photos I've already seen with her .. boy I was wrong. Here she is yet again unleashing her perfect ...

Isabeli Fontana totally sizzles in fancy lingerie

I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I'm happy as a pig in $#!!! whenever I have the privilege to drool over a new photoshoot with a Brazilian supermodel posing in skimpy lingerie. ...