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Elisandra Tomacheski’s sexy curves will make your jaw drop!

Aaand.. Here's Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski dropping everyone's jaw once again while posing in both lingerie and bikinis for the new collection from Bloomingdale's. Say it with me my friends... holy freaking Batman! Elisandra is ...

Elisandra Tomacheski in sexy swimwear is worth a look

Alright guys, let's start the day with a new photoshoot from Bloomingdales featuring Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski posing in sexy swimwear and looking pretty damn hot while doing so.. I think I've already posted a ...

Elisandra Tomacheski has one hell of a tight little body

How about we kick off the day with my new favorite Brazilian supermodel, and my future wife, of course, Elisandra Tomacheski, modeling sexy swimwear and blowing our minds in the process? That sounds pretty well, ...