7 Sep 2011

Sylwia Wojciech struts her sexy stuff, blows my mind

So apparently Brosome is pretty big in Poland since we’re totally in love with Polish hotties and today we’ve received another wicked suggestion on our email, another beauty from this country who goes by the name Sylwia Wojciech. Gosh, I hope I got her name right because it’s freakin’ hard to spell.

Anyways, this girl, Sylwia, is just another Polish model with the right curves in all the right places who loves to pose in swimwear in lingerie and.. I’m glad we finally got to “meet” her. Here she is showing off her bodacious curves in sexy swimwear fr0m Verano that’s totally making it possible for us to droll over this girl’s amazing little body.

Umm… can you guys say “freaking hoooot!!!” ?? I’m usually drooling like a fool whenever I see a new Polish bombshell but this peach is just.. beyond stunning. I mean, the naughty factor from these photos is through the roof!! Sigh.. I need to visit Poland as soon as possible!!

Now I don’t know exactly how old these photos are (because I haven’t received any info on ’em).. all I know is that this peach is freaking hot and I’d love to spend at least a couple of months with her. Until I get bored.