14 Oct 2011

Sylwia Nowak in all of her drool-inducing sexiness

There’s nothing better than a wonderful lingerie photoshoot to end the week and kick off the much needed weekend, and.. when it’s with a girl you haven’t heard of until this day, it’s even more interesting. Now.. I’ve been holding onto these photos for a couple of days just to end this week with ’em and I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this.

Here’s another Polish model you probably didn’t knew yet, named Sylwia Nowak, which I guess it’s Polish for “freaking hot” or something. I don’t know what’s up with Polish hotties but they all love to pose in lingerie and not only do they pose in lingerie (any girl can do that, right?) but these girls also look drop dead sexy in the process.

Sylwia Nowak is just another little peach from Poland who looks absolutely amazing in lingerie and probably that’s why she was picked for this Dama Kier photoshoot. I’ve drooled over these photos for a couple of days now, and you can see why by looking at any one of these ridiculously sexy photo. Hot damn, this girl is beyond sexy.. lovely from have to toe.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend!