14 Jun 2013

Sylwia Dorendas’ sexy legs stepping out into the sun

I don’t know if you noticed, but Eastern Europe gave the world a huge increase in global temperature, by throwing unbelievable hot girls at it. This is the case of the super sexy Polish model Sylwia Dorenda and her recent photoshoot for Ewlon swimwear.

Being that it’s Friday, we have plenty of time to research and talk about her, since she is visiting us for the very first time; sure, we could do that.. or we could just realize that’s a complete waste of time, and use it to just stare at this curvacious babe! I mean, come on.. when I see those long legs stretching from here to high heaven and all her sexy curves in all the right places, the infinite wisdom of Johnny Bravo comes to mind.. you know what I mean, so don’t ask!

I really can’t believe I’ve missed out on staring at this hot, beautiful and leggy girl.. yeah, I love long legs, so sue me! But, lucky for you, this sweet luscious woman has got it all, so feel free to choose the pose or photo you enjoy most. But I’m warning you: that’s gonna be tough and might consume your entire weekend.. my first though?! Worth it!