13 May 2013

Sylvie van der Vaart and her bodacious Dutch curves

Gosh, here’s the drop dead sexy Sylvie van der Vaart doing what I enjoy seeing her do best, and that’s showing off her tight little body that I love so very, very much, in a couple of skimpy outfits from Hunkemoller. Now in case you’re a loyal reader of our site, you probably know that her lingerie shots from this company are easily some of the most drool inducing photos you’ll ever see so.. you realize why I’m so excited right now, eh?

Well, this is not a brand spanking new lingerie photoshoot, it’s something just as good as that, if not even better. Sylvie is modeling a couple of sexy bikinis from Hunkemoller this time and… she’s doing a bang up job of dropping our jaws once again. I totally dig this peach and I’m pretty sure after these photos you guys (and girls as well) will like her even more.

So without further ado, grab a glass or water because these pics are so ridiculously hot that they’ll instantly raise the temperature in your room. Enjoy!