2 Sep 2013

Rosie Huntington Whiteley will get you in the mood

I don’t know what it takes for this lovely gal to wear those sexy outfits around your bedroom, but.. wow, wow, wow! A scorching hot lingerie photoshoot with Rosie Huntington Whiteley will definitely get you in the mood for.. sleep. Here she is looking like a supernova of sexiness once again showing off her own skimpy lingerie line called Autograph.

I don’t have some freakishly huge mechanical friends to attract her attention, still Rosie puts on a show! I guess I’m lucky, ’cause she unleashes a ton of sexy tricks from her arsenal, which included teasing the camera with all kinds of sultry looks and showing off those adorable lips and eyes that could turn any of us into a drooling zombie.

Every time we get to drool over sexy lingerie photos of Rosie, it’s definitely a good day. Will you get a load of that ridiculously hot body? I can gush over every inch of this babe’s body. Absolute perfection from head to toe. This British bombshell may be the hottest gal in the world. Enjoy Rosie Huntington Whiteley !