9 Aug 2013

Elisandra Tomacheski is on top of the world

I think we can all agree that Brazilian bombshell Elisandra Tomacheski doesn’t need an introduction, whether you’re from this planet or not. What you really need to know right now is that, in addition to having the privilege of gawking at this super hottie in teasing swimwear yet again, this babe is actually wearing her own creations here, from Elis Beachwear. Bow before the goddess!

Hot damn, I still can’t believe how ridiculously hot and perfect this peach really is. She always looks mesmerizing and jaw dropping from head to toe; but aside from unleashing her extraordinary hotness upon the world, we must give credit where credit is due: this smokin’ sexy blonde has successfully introduced her own swimwear brand and creations. And who better to advertise than.. herself. Your servant, my queen!

There just isn’t a better way to end this day other than gawking at a couple of awesome photos with a Brazilian supermodel barely wearing any clothing. And when that Brazilian super hottie is my love Elisandra Tomacheski you just know it’s going to be a total gush fest. So… be prepared to have your body tormented, since we’ve prepared for you a huge gallery, with more than 90 pics with this dreamy and perfect blonde. Enjoy!