26 Mar 2010

Suzanne Shaw looking like a supernova of hotness

Suzanne Shaw Loaded 1

I have a friend in the UK who keeps telling me that British chicks are quite average but day by day we find new gorgeous babes from that country who are definitely hotter than average. Even though it’s just March, today we found some pictures from the May 2010 issue of Loaded magazine where Suzanne Shaw is featured in a breathtaking photoshoot.

I’ve never heard about this babe but apparently she’s pretty famous in the UK or maybe she was a while ago and now she wants to get back in the spotlight by showing off her delightful body. Suzanne Shaw is an English actress, singer and also a TV personality there but these stunning pictures could make her well known for everyone, not only for British lads.

She won a couple of years ago a talent contest called Popstars and soon after she entered a band who disappeared faster than it appeared on the music scene. Then she became a performer in a musical theater and also had a couple of roles and modeling jobs who kept her in everyone’s attention. She also managed to won Dancing on the Ice but I think that being featured in Loaded is her biggest achievement yet.

Time to enjoy the pics in 3,2,1…