31 Aug 2016

Surfing in 2020 Tokyo Olympics: A Tale Of Two Lifestyles, Part 2 of 2

With the 2016 Rio Olympics already finished, we just can’t help but move our sights towards the future – and why not? If everything goes as planned, the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics might just be the best one yet!

Surfing in 2020 Tokyo Olympics

For one thing, it beat Rio to include surfing as an official sports event. I mean, Rio is a freaking beach paradise! It’s the home of Copacabana for crying out loud! Surfing should have been included in this year’s Olympics. Oh well, at least we know the future’s brighter in the world of surfing.

Mixed Emotions

We’ve heard a lot of people expressing some concern though. You see, much like skateboarding (which is by the way going to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well), surfing is not really a sport. It is a way of life. In fact, some surfers even consider the act as art. The reason is because it’s the way how they express themselves. In surfing, (ideally) there are no masters , winners, and losers. Yeah, I used this phrase in the part 1 of this series as well because it’s true! In surfing, all you really need to have is a heart. An open heart to the call of the waves. Hence, a lot of people are concerned that turning surfing into an official Olympics sports event might go against the very ideals of the act of surfing itself.

The Hotties

I am not a surfer but there are a couple of things that I know for sure. Surfers deserved to be recognized. If the world will recognize surfing through the Olympics, then this will promote the ideals that surfers hold dear as well.

And finally, there are a lot of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS hotties in the world of surfing! I don’t care how cold Tokyo is, even during the summer, but one thing’s for sure. Everyone’s going to get sun burnt because of the smoldering heat brought about by the hottest chicks converging in one place. It is going to blow our minds and I just can’t wait!