21 Feb 2014

Super Mario themed golf bag will make you hit the grass

I’m not particularly a fan of Golf, but I do love Super Mario. Who doesn’t right? Anyone who has ever put Mario to the test knows he kinda loves grass – no hints intended. So, I’m guessing that’s the reason why this quirky collaboration came to life. These are some unconventional, but funtastic Super Mario-themed golf bags, developed by Japanese golf accessory company Enjoy Caddie Bag.

The company will soon bring this golf bag, complete with a Super Mario head, a large ‘M’ and the game’s theme colors to a store near you. Aside from making you smile, for no apparent reason, this will definitely shock fellow Golf players!

The bag is made from faux leather and is extremely well-detailed; it even features ‘Super Star’ zippers. There’s enough space to help you store all your golf clubs along with the rest of your golfing accessories, and.. who knows, this bag might even transform Gold into a fun activity.

Enjoy Caddie Bag has announced that this product will hit the shelves sometimes this summer and it will first be made available in Japan – sounds about right. So, if you like Gold and love Mario, be prepared to spend about $497. I’m wondering, how about a PC-game with Mario playing Golf?