12 Nov 2012

Stylish Bachelor’s Crib from Sao Paolo, Brazil

It’s time to share with you guys another awesome bachelor pad we’ve just discovered on the web, designed by Carol Leaes and located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. With a very simple, yet extremely elegant design, this amazing apartment is really spacious and comfortable, exactly what we’d all need to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

There are no weird details, no embelishments and no unnecessary items, which gives this pad an overall manly feel. The living room is huge, with wood floors and matching colors for the ceiling and walls. The furniture is all black and there’s even a lovely pool table right in the middle of the living room, something I’m sure a lot of us would like to have in our own homes, right?

The bedroom is decorated in the same tone as the living room, with a focus on comfort and simplicity. It features a large, black bed with two small nightstands and nothing more. You can just tell by looking at these photos that this is an awesome bachelor pad.