15 Nov 2013

Stunning Rachel Mortenson is a killer

Moving on to the next hottie, shall we? I’m barely recovering after the first photoshoot of the day, but I live dangerously, so.. we now feature fire hazard and uber cute American model Rachel Mortenson. The last time she was around she teased me with her perfect little curves, but today I’m drooling at those sexy little lines on those fit and toned abs of hers. Frederick’s of Hollywood and their lingerie collection is most fitting for this babe’s job: teasing us to death!

HOT gal alert! Can you believe this temptress and her sweet, curvy body of hers? Sexy as hell! And that naughty attitude of hers.. Sweet Lord, have mercy! This babe will blow your mind instantly and better yet.. my weekend’s calendar is filling up quite nicely, although, under the circumstances, I’m not sure I’m gonna be alive on Monday. Who is, right?!

Rachel Mortenson is a full on, foxy, drop dead gorgeous minx. Her tight body is so sensual that even if you’re not the religious type you’re still gonna thank God for her sultry looks and fine, fine body. She’s so stunning it’s killing me! Drooling at her curves is all I can do right now, so enough talking for now. Click away and enjoy it!