19 Nov 2013

Stunning natural beauty Vika Levina is hard on the knees

I’ve been spending some time looking for info about this sweet beauty, but since she really is one, nobody will actually care about the fact I found jack. The more I look into superb Russian model Vika Levina and her incredibly blue eyes, the more I realize I’ve stumbled upon my future ex-girlfriend. The people at Victoria’s Secret sure know how to pick’em, don’t they? God save us!

I know Vika is Russian and.. that’s it. I couldn’t even find out her date of birth – and that’s important, to be sure she’s over 18. Come on, don’t tell me you can look at this natural beauty prancing around in lingerie outfits and not imagine some sensual movie scenes, involving her, you and some scented candles and a romantic atmosphere. Liar!

I’m not usually the romantic one in my crowd, but I have to say that drooling at this sweetie is inevitable and her stunning beauty gets me back to my teenage years instantly, to those nice days filled with goosebumps and butterflies. Falling in love may be hard on the knees, and that’s a given when looking at sensual – yet untainted – Vika Levina and her sweet little self.  We’ll check her out again, real soon. Enjoy!