27 Jan 2012

Stunning Lamborghini Aventador by Prindiville Design

I am in love.. and it’s not with a girl this time. It’s an awesome Lamborghini Aventador which was taken to the next level by the guys from Prindiville Design. Now the Aventador is already one of the most incredible supercars in the world and you might think that one could ruin it if he tries to modify this perfect car but this upgrade package actually makes it even better.

The tuners from London (yeah, they’re British) have developed a complete aerodynamics kit made of aircraft grade carbon which saves up to 65% of the weight when compared to the car’s factory parts. Thanks to this kit, the Aventador received a unique styling from front to back that makes it even sportier than it normally is.

Next, Prindiville Design also took care of the car’s performances and handling and installed a high performance exhaust system that is 80% lighter than the normal exhaust, upgraded the ECU and installed a brand new braking system as well. We don’t know any figures but this car is a bit lighter than the standard one and has a bit more horses under the hood so we can bet it’s even faster!

The interior of this awesome Lamborghini Aventador could be also customized with new trim accessories, a wide variety of leather and other upholstery materials. So what do you say? It this car stunning?

[via Prindiville]