22 Apr 2015

How to Stop Overspending when Grocery Shopping

If you are always surprised every time you see the total checkout amount of your groceries, then you might be fostering a bad habit of overspending. This always happens to the typical shopper but since you’re no typical shopper, here are the 8 rules that you should always apply if you want to avoid overspending on groceries.

Overspending when Grocery Shopping

8. Bring a calculator

Who cares if that guy across the aisle thinks you’re a stingy prick for computing every single item you pick up? Bringing a calculator allows you to compute the items as you pick them and if the numbers don’t add up, you can always look back at your cart and put back the ones that aren’t that important.

7. Check your pantry before heading to the groceries

Determine what you have left in your kitchen so you’ll know what items you need to stock up on. Don’t rely on guesses and be absolutely sure that what you write on your grocery list are items that you truly need. You don’t want to go home buying 2 gallons of milk only to find out that you still have more in your fridge to last you through the week.

6. Don’t use a large shopping cart

If you want to save money, don’t t use a large shopping cart because you’ll only be tricked into buying more stuff than you need. It’s the same reason why you eat on a small plate if you’re on a diet. Do your pocket a favor and reach for a basket or a smaller cart instead.

5. Eat before you go grocery shopping

This is probably an obvious one but something that most people overlook. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach can cause you to pick more bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos than you really need. Avoid overspending on food by making sure that you are full before heading to the groceries.

4. Don’t be fooled by sales

It’s easy to fall trap into sales because they make you think you’re saving money by paying less for more. For some purchases, this holds true but most of the time, the items that are on sale are crap. Would you have honestly bought a dozen of that tomato soup if it weren’t on sale? Good luck on the stomach cramps.

3. Only bring the amount of cash you need

So you already know what you need to buy and given that, you should already have an estimate of how much you’ll spend. Only bring that amount in cash so you’ll be forced to only pick up the items you need. The risk of embarrassing yourself in the checkout counter while a hot chick is behind you is also a good motivator to only get what you need.

2. Only buy what you can use

Assuming that you live alone, are you sure that you can finish eating those two loafs of bread in one week? Unless you absolutely love bread, then the answer is probably no. It’s going to spoil faster than you can say “But I love bread.” and spoilt food means money wasted.

1. Stay busy at the checkout

That Sports Illustrated Magazine just standing right beside the counter? Yeah, it’s calling for your name alright. It wants you to buy it so you can waste more money. Don’t be fooled by these tactics and stay busy by looking at your phone, talking to that girl behind you or picking your nose. Anything.