16 Mar 2017

Stop The Itch! Eczema 101

Can’t stop scratching your skin? Do you see some rashes developing or some parts of your skin peeling off due to really itchy dryness that’s been driving you nuts? You might be suffering from eczema or also known as dermatitis. Yes, you might have heard of the term more than a couple of times already because it is a very broad term and it can show different symptoms.


Getting To Know Eczema

This skin condition can be caused by a number of things but most of the time, eczema is transferred genetically. Hence, if you know of a family member, or relatives that suffer from this condition then that means that you would be at  an increased risk of getting one as compared to others with not family history of eczema.

Various allergens and stress are also among the common factors that cause eczema, so if you are exposed to these conditions, then that means that you are also more prone to suffering from this skin condition.


But don’t worry, there are a couple of measures and treatments that you can perform in order to get rid of eczema (hopefully, for a looong time). First, in order to prevent eczema from happening or for your skin to become more irritated, you should avoid fragrant lotions and soaps in your grooming routine. Chemical components such as bacitracin and paba can cause skin irritations and can further the symptoms caused by eczema. Using hypoallergenic products instead can help avoid this from happening.

To alleviate and treat your skin though, you can use moisturizers such as emollients, moisturizer soaps, and lotions in order to keep your skin hydrated. After all, dried skin is more prone to eczema than most, and by keeping your skin healthy and moisturized…who knows? One day, you might just wake up without eczema.

But hey, I’m a blogger, not a doctor. If your eczema becomes increasingly intolerable then the best thing to do is to still contact your dermatologist.