6 Oct 2011

Steve Jobs kicks off the daily links for the last time

RIP Steve Jobs. You left your mark on our desks, on our ears & in our hands [Apple]
11 Powder Skis You Should Know About For the 2011 – 2012 Ski Season [Brobible]
Argentinian “Dancing With The Stars” Rules! You’ll see why right here [Peeperz]
Going To Get You Over The Hump With This Stunning Girl: Nicole Mejia [Caveman]

Jessica Gomes Plays With a Garden Hose in Maxim, looks hot doing so [GCeleb]
Genevieve Morton landed on the cover of SI’s South Africa Swimwear Issue [SI]
Naya Rivera isn’t a cheerleader, but she plays one on TV in Glee [TeaseTDW]
20 Great Pics of Holly Peers in a New Nuts Magazine spread [NotSafeforWhat]

Feeling A Bit Nostalgic About Childhood: 26 Relics From The 90′s [NedHardy]
Miranda Kerr sideboob at Irreverent Dinner during Paris Fashion Week [PHS]
This hottie who goes by the name Nikki is what I call squeezable too [Regretful]
Coming Out Party Time: What To Make Of Dustin Garrison’s Epic Day.. [TSM]

Beatrice Chirita is a Romanian bombshell who looks amazing in lingerie [DJMick]
Ex-Page 3 Bimbo Jodie Marsh Now Professional Bodybuilder!… WTF?? [Busted]
Meet Emmanuelle Vaugier: On screen she always roots for the bad guy. [Gunaxin]
In case you’ve missed it: Esquire’s Me in My Place Presents Olga Fonda [VirileMag]

Here are The 15 Most Ridiculous South Park Celebrity Cameos [CampusSocialite]
Apparently there are 17 Types Of Drunks out there. Check ’em out [SurvivingU]
An Insane Amount Of NHL Ice Girls To Kick Off The 2011-12 Season [COED]
We’ll end with this cool list: 14 ways to tell if you’re really a nerd [Guyism]