30 Aug 2010

Steffi De Greve busts out her spectacular curves

Steffi De Greve Che 1

Meet Steffi De Greve, a hot Belgian model you’ve surely never heard of until today. That’s actually all I know about this babe at the moment but heck… who needs words when you have a lot of drool inducing photos to gawk at with this peach showing off her groovy little body!

Che magazine from Belgium just featured Steffi De Greve in their latest issue in a pictorial where she oozes sexuality from every inch of her gorgeous body. Over time I became a pretty big fan of this magazine because they keep impressing us with local beauties from Belgium and with Steffi they surely managed to do that again!

If there are more girls like her in Belgium that might be the right place to visit or maybe even settle there if you get to land a girl like her. Belgium added to my “must visit” list. Oh yeah.