27 Aug 2013

Steamy windows? It’s the Alejandra Alonso effect

It’s been some hours, and with no relation with Clara Alonso, there’s a new hot entry on our list of most jaw dropping sexy models. Check out the Spanish sweet peach that is Alejandra Alonso, teasing us in Women’s Secret lingerie. Oh, yes!

I could Google her and lay down some info about her on you guys, but I’d rather watch her do that and drool endlessly as I fantasize about.. me, her, breakfast in bed. ‘Nuff said! Come on, don’t blame me.. just look at her! She looks so freaking awesome that she’s going to turn you into her slave in just a matter of seconds!

Tough day at the office? Well, take a breath of fresh hottie and enjoy this uber cute babe’s perfect curves and chill.. if you manage to. Here’s Alejandra Alonso steaming her way into your brain. Enjoy!