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Can anything else go wrong for Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby had his career thrown off track in the 2011 Winter Classic when he suffered a concussion after a hit from David Steckel, a former Washington Capitals player. He went back in to play ...

Canadiens cut Red Wings winning streak short

The Detroit Red Wings have an enviable 33-16-1 record. So why was Wednesday’s game surprising? Plain and simple, the Red Wings got their asses kicked 7-2 by the Montreal Canadiens, who were absolutely on fire. ...

Red Wings edge out Coyotes in shootout victory

The Red Wings have an enviable 31-14-1 record, and they showed why on Thursday by overcoming the Phoenix Coyotes in a tight 3-2 shootout win. The Red Wings prove that having depth and talent can ...

Flyers strut their stuff at home in dominant 5-1 game

The Flyers had one of their best games of the season at home on January 17th, defeating the Minnesota Wild 5-1 in a blowout game. The rout started just three minutes in with a Flyers ...

All out brawl and dirty hits in Canucks Bruins showdown

In case you've missed this.. The Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins have nothing but bad blood for each other since the 2011 Stanley Cup which saw the Bruins crowned champions. The Canucks have been ...

30 Photos of Hot NHL ice girls will make your day

We've posted a gallery with hot girls and icecream just a couple of weeks ago that you guys totally liked and today we've thought hot girls and ice is a mix that deserves more attention ...

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