2 Jul 2012

Spain trashed Italy 4-0 to win Euro 2012

I’m not happy to say this but.. Spain destroyed Italy the other night in the final of Euro 2012 becoming the first team in history to win three successive major tournaments after a clear 4-0 victory. They haven’t conceded a goal in the knockout stages since 2006, winning Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup and now the European championship again.

Despite the fact that they won by 4 goals, the biggest margin of victory ever seen in a final at this tournament, I’m still pretty damn sad they won because I’m really bored of the team’s trademark style. ‘Tiki-taka’ used to be really fun to watch and it used to produce more goals when the team had REAL forwards but now without David Villa and with an out-of-form Torres, Spain looked awful.

Yeah, they’ve suppressed every opponent with that philosphy of ultra control and intricate passing but.. it wasn’t exciting  at all this year. Barcelona’s game is a treat for our eyes because Messi is there to light up the stadium but Spain had no player to do that. They won by 1, 2 and now even by 4 goals against Italy but I’m still not impressed and I don’t think Spain is the best team in the world.

They haven’t met Argentina or Brazil in a knockout game yet and.. I think these two teams (and maybe even more) could kick easily their asses and put on a show in the process. That’s why I really, really hope the 2014 World Cup would make me like soccer again.

I’m also going to say that Spain won just by 2 goals last night, because for the last 30 minutes Italy were down to 10 due to an injury to Thiago Motta after all their changes have been made. The first half was really good for Spain with David Silva giving the lead to his team pretty fast and Jordi Alba scoring the second goal right before halftime.

Italy had a couple of good opportunities to come back in the game but the hero of the night for Spain was Casillas who killed every single chance they’ve had. After Motta was out of the game and Italy down to 10 the last two goals were a procession, with Fernando Torres scoring from a fine pass from Xavi and then passing to Juan Mata who took the score to 4-0. End of story, end of Euro 2012, the closing credits from BBS were uber nice.