16 Jun 2017

Some College Gear That Students Should Have!

To those who have already graduated from university, then you probably had a lot of difficult times. From eating cup noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to annoying roommates, college life can be hard for some. Struggling with classes, part-time jobs, and the like requires a lot of emotional and physical energy to survive. However, since we live in a world where technology makes lives easier and more convenient, there have been a number of college gear that are making college students’ lives a lot easier. Here are a some college gear that students should have.

Travel Mug

Coffee basically becomes water to a lot of college students. A student sometimes needs to stay up all night just to study for an exam or finish a project due the next day. To some, starting the day with coffee is a regular thing to do. Without it, it can be hard to function. But sometimes, one can’t just take the time to eat breakfast if you woke up late and class starts in a few minutes. Which is why travel mugs can be handy. But make sure to get the heated travel mugs. These will keep your coffee remain hot long enough for you to drink it on the way to class.

Backpack with an installed charger

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to have your smartphone available at all times. From searching the internet for definitions to calling group mates for a project, smartphones are essential to a college student. However, once the battery dies, it’s all over and it becomes useless. You’ll have to wait till you get home to charge it. But if you have a backpack charger, you have what you need inside your bag without having to go back home. Carrying a portable charger can be really convenient for college.

External Hard drive

Hard drives are important because they store a huge amount of files. Keeping your files in your laptop alone is not sufficient nor safe anymore. One can easily get a virus through shady websites or corrupted flash drives. Although external hard drives can be a bit expensive, it is still a worthy investment especially if you have a lot of important files and documents. By having an external hard drive, you have a safety net in case all of your data from your laptop, phone or flash drive would get accidentally erased.

These are just a few gadgets that will make a college student’s life easier.