4 Sep 2012

Sofia Zamolo in sexy swimwear just made my day

Sweet Christmas! Here’s another blonde bombshell from Argentina who’s going to rock your world.. a girl who goes by the name Sofia Zamolo and apparently she’s pretty damn popular in her native country (for obvious reasons) after hosting a couple of TV shows and posing in lingerie and swimwear pretty often.

Now I remember I’ve drooled over a couple of photos of this peach in the past and I was pretty surprised to see that we haven’t featured her on our site yet but… I guess these pics will make up for lost time. She’s looking her absolute sexiest in here, in a couple of poses that could easily make you squirm in your chair.

So, without further ado, here’s Sofia Zamolo unleashing her groovy little curves while posing for the new MK swimwear collection. Enjoy!