5 Apr 2017

Socks Are Still In the Game – And Here’s Why You Should Get Them In Pink!

Picture this. You’re rushing in the morning. There’s going to be an important meeting with a bunch of new clients. Your brief case is already prepared. Now it’s just up to you to dress up and grab an apple of your way out. You’re wearing the same old suit that you wear every day. That, or it feels like the same one since they practically all look the same.

You arrive at the office. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your hair has that out-of-bed look. It’s okay. It’s part of your style. Ahh yes, that’s the word. Style. You look at yourself even closer. You look the same every damn day. There’s not even a pop of color on you. You miss the feeling when you can almost take over the world with your energy because of the way you dress, but now, you just look like a worn out battery in a suit.

We know the style solution. Socks. Pink Socks.

You simply cannot set your suits on fire especially if they’re necessary in your line of work. And colorful ties are certainly not an option. So here’s the style question: how would you spice up your boring suit without being too loud, but you will still gain that boost of confidence you’re craving for – and would tell the people “hey, I care and I know a thing or two about what’s trendy right now”.

There’s no need to follow David Beckham on Instagram because we’ll tell you right now. You can pop up your style through your socks. Yes, socks are pretty much still a part of the game. If you’re wearing a pair with holes in them right now, then you can set those on fire instead of your boring suit. A colorful choice of socks would give any boring suit an interesting twist. Plus, you need to get a pair in pink, because that color seems to be everywhere right now in the world of fashion.

But please remember these helpful reminders: don’t get them in animal prints or cray food patterns. I know, this whole article is meant to be fun, but there’s no reason to drag your dignity to the mud. If you simply must get some pattern in there, then maybe some graphic stripes would do the trick. Good luck!