16 Aug 2016

Why Soccer Is Something To Watch Out For This Time

Men’s soccer is not a big deal in the Olympics. Seriously, they only take it as good practice. It’s not as high-profile as swimming, track and field, and other must-watch sports. But everything is going to be different this year, oh so different. This time, it’s game face on especially with the home team.

Remember what happened in the World Cup? When Brazil (and we’re saying every single person in Brazil brother – from government officials, to the gangs in the favelas), just lived out their worst nightmare in the last World Cup?

The Nightmare

Soccer is a way of life for the Brazilians. They are so invested in the game that Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes even joked once that he’ll kill himself if the Brazilian team lost. Well, guess what bro, you’re still alive but the Brazilian team’s hearts is ripped in shreds for Argentina to feast on.

It was dark times when Germany won over Brazil – but that’s not even half of the story. The flames they had for winning was NOTHING compared to their blazing hatred for Argentina. In fact, they hated Argentina so much that some Brazilians even went as far as supporting Argentina’s rival team, Netherlands.

The Upcoming Victory

And that, my dear friends, is the story why Brazil needs a win this year. In fact, they burn with so much passion that the whole world just cannot help but watch out for this Olympics’ soccer matches. We’re guessing that it would be breeze for Brazil to make it up to the final top spots – but Argentina won’t make it easy for them to take home the gold, that’s for sure.

Oh, and Germany and Netherlands are there too, just in case you forget guys. They are part of the story as much as Brazil and Argentina are. Come on guys, be cool.