6 Nov 2012

Snolo Stealth-X High Performance Carbon Fiber Sled

I’m not a big fan of winter but winter sports definitely make it go by faster. I’m sure most of you remember hitting the slopes with an improvised sled but the ‘thing’ you’re gonna see here is a far more serious piece, probably the most incredible sled ever built. The Stealth-X is a carbon fiber sled designed for speed, made by a company called Snolo which surely takes sledding seriously.

The sled was designed over the course of six years and it’s built for performance and crazy thrills in powder or hard snow. It has a sleek, body hugging monocoque shell with a seat back, a front ski with foot pegs and an arm connecting these two, all made of ultra light carbon fiber.

It’s no small child’s toy, it was built for serious adult fun. The rider sits back and leans into corners like he’s driving a motorcycle using just his body and feet to steer. The Stealth-X is apparently able to reach a top speed of more than 40 mph (65 km/h) which is breathtakingly fast on slopes.

The only downside is that it costs “just” $2,999 so you probably need to be really serious about sledding if you want one of these.