6 Sep 2013

Smokin’ hot Johanna Lundback will get you on the couch

I’m out of ideas.. and breath! Johanna Lundback is back to squeeze the life out of me – or what’s left of it – while her drop dead gorgeous little self poses around in sexy outfits, lingerie and swimwear, from Nelly. I might need mouth to mouth!

I have a thing for tattooed hotties – just ask my girl- this is why every time this Swedish supermodel, looking like the definition of “smoking hot”, comes around again I get to sleep on the couch; but not alone – This foxy babe is with me. Hey, a guy’s allowed to dream.

Still, dreamin’ is the limit. This girl is so freaking attractive it’s insane, but when you add that tattoo on her smooth, silky skin, and considering its location on her fine, sexy body.. well, I can think of only one thing and I’m sure she wouldn’t disappoint at all. My favorite tattooed hottie has returned! P.S. Don’t let my girl read this. Enjoy!