13 Mar 2017

Smarter Than R2-D2: Top Ten Facts That Every Star Wars Fan Needs To Know

It’s been a couple of months already seen we’ve first fell in love with Chirrut Imwe and his hypnotic mantra. In the office for instance, we still have those heated debates from time to time whether or not Chirrut is the best character Donnie Yen has ever played – or is it Ip Man?

star wars

Well, whatever it is Donnie Yen has in store for us in the future, one thing’s for sure: Rogue One and his Zatoichi-like character will forever be legendary. Speaking of legendary, it’s just about the perfect time to sharpen those geek skills with our top ten list for today. And that is, the top ten facts that every Star Wars fan needs to know. Let’s start!

10. N’Sync? Where?!

Apparently George Lucas’ daughters were big fans of the boy band so he had them make a cameo appearance in the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Sadly (or fortunately for those who weren’t really a fan of boy bands), that part was cut in the final version of the film.

9. Get That, Fox!

Fox didn’t want to raise George Lucas’ salary so they gave the guy full merchandising rights for the original trilogy instead. They didn’t believe that Star Wars would be a big hit.

8. Apparently Fox Wasn’t Alone…

George Lucas bet against Steven Spielberg that Close Encounters of the Third Kind would do better than Star Wars. In exchange? The winner would get 2.5% of the profit of the winning film. To this day, Steven Spielberg still gets 2.5% profits from Star Wars.

7. No, Fox Definitely Wasn’t Alone.

Alec Guinness also didn’t like Star Wars that much. (Pssst! He was the guy who played the role of the older Obi-Wan Kenobi!). He called it “fairy tale rubbish”. He was smarter than Fox, and apparently Lucas though, when negotiated a deal to get 2% of the royalties paid to George Lucas for the films.

6. Don’t Get Carried Away Dude!

It’s said that Ewan McGregor kept imitating the sound that the light saber makes during his fight scenes. Of course Geroge Lucas reminded him constantly that this would just be added in by the special effects crew. But the guy just keeps getting carried away. I wouldn’t blame him though. I do it all the time – even without fight scenes, and, you know…a real light saber.

5. I Am Your Father.

George Lucas has hidden the big reveal up until the very end…to the point that he strategically changed the script in order to keep it from the stars as well!

4. Machete Order

It’s said that the “Machete Order” is the best way to watch the films, and that is: Ep IV, V, II, III, and VI. It uses Episodes II and III as a flashback.  

3. Dooku, Or Shall I Say, Dookan?

In Brazil, the Count’s name “Dooku” literally meant “I do anal” so they had to change his name to Count Dookan instead in the translation.

2. Without Star Wars…the Titanic Shouldn’t Have Sunk.

Star Wars does change lives. James Cameron, now the well-known genius behind the films Titanic and Avatar was formerly a truck driver…that is until he was able to watch Star Wars for the very first time. He was so amazed by the movie that he quit his job after and joined the film industry.

1. Naughty Leia

With all the fun facts that George Lucas has in store for us, the best one for me (or for this naughty little brain of mine), is still this: that Carrie Fisher (may she rest in peace), didn’t wear any underwear in Star Wars because George convinced her that there weren’t any underwear in outer space. Boom! You’ll never watch her the same way again. I wonder if that was still the case in Episode 7? Hmmm…

And that is it geeks! See you all again next time in our next geeky top ten list!