13 Jun 2017

This Smart Condom Is The Ultimate Sex Gadget

Honestly, when the first wave of fitness trackers came out, I didn’t think I need them in my life. Gadgets that you keep close to your body during workouts was not the most comfortable notion to me, plus I don’t think they’re very precise, you know?

But I don’t know. As years passed and technology boomed, fitness trackers became more precise, and they became smaller and more and more stylish. All of a sudden, fitness trackers became a part of everyone’s fitness routine, as they became a part of mine. As if it’s dangerous to workout without keeping track of your heart rate, how much calories you’ve already burned – and how far you are from your goal.

What I didn’t expect to happen though, is the i-Con Smart Condom.

It’s a fitness tracker that you wear while you’re working out…in bed. No. I’m serious. As in while you are having sex. It’s not really a condom that you can wash and reuse (thank God for that!), but it’s a ring that you can put on the base of your good ol’ favorite condom.

And it will keep track of your sexual performance. It will answer all the questions you didn’t know you wanted answers for: like how many time you thrust per session? If you’re even brave enough, you can even compare your stats with other users. Are you ready to learn how you really measure up amongst other men? To prick your defensive “sex god, I’m the center of the universe” bubble you love to lead yourself to believe.

And oh, before I forget, it’s also going to come with a feature where it can alert you if there are STD strains present. As to HOW it’s going to alert you, I’m not really sure.  Can you imagine you’re humping somebody, then suddenly your phone rings out a notification: alert, STD strains present!

I don’t know how much you guys are down to wear this, but just in case, it’s going to be released later this year.