31 Aug 2016

Skateboarding in 2020 Tokyo Olympics: A Tale Of Two Lifestyles, Part 1 of 2

Today, we are going to talk about two art forms, skateboarding and surfing. We say that they’re art forms and lifestyles because they were once labeled as “anti-sports”. Why so? The great gods of each of these activities maintained a similar stand. Surfing and skateboarding are not sports. Sports require rigorous training. There are masters, winners, losers. But with surfing and skateboarding, you don’t need to be a master. You just do it. Because surfing and skateboarding are not sports, they are lifestyles. They are a form of expressing one’s self. Hence, they are art.


However, for skateboarding, as much as we want to fight it, it has indeed turned into a sport and not through the Olympics. It all started in the world’s first ever X-Games that made a legend out of Tony Hawk.

And now, it will take another step further. This time it will further solidify skateboarding into a sport in a way that no one else can ever doubt it for all eternity. It’s going to be an official sport event in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

For The Youth

The reason for this is said to encourage more youth to take part and watch the Olympic Games. Skateboarding along with four other new sports will be a part of the next games – and we can hardly wait! During the first X Games, a Tony Hawk was born. Who knows who’s going to stand a legend after the sport’s first participation in the Olympics? After all, there is thousands of freaking genius skateboarders all over the world, followed by millions of fans more. The gods of skateboarding are as cool as the kings of rock!

This time around, the geeks are going to be kings. Those that were once considered loners, weirdos, and even losers. This time around, we’ll rise up as gods of the arena, alongside the popular kids – the polished jocks. And maybe, just maybe, even become more.