9 Sep 2013

Sizzlin’ hot Imogen Thomas is back with a blast

Spank me, spank me very much! Sorry, I was talking to one of the sexiest and most amazing babes on the entire freaking planet, British bombshell Imogen Thomas, who has decided to unleash her roller-coaster curves for the latest issue of Nuts magazine and… the babe is ridiculously sexy! Still, I meant was I said and I said what I meant.

We get to see Imogen prance around and bust out her uber sexy body in a variety of sexy lingerie, looking so freaking naughty. How cool is that? You’re guaranteed to  drool like a damn fool in a matter of seconds, after gawking at her stupendous cleavage, drool inducing legs, ridiculously gorgeous looks, etc. I wish I was a fly on her bedroom wall.. hell, I wish she was on my bedroom wall right now!

Imogen Thomas is back in our minds and dreams with a new bodacious photoshoot; her sexiness is sooooo freaking hot!! This busty babe will get any guy in the mood for milk. Anyway, enough with the chit chat, time to enjoy these amazing pictures with this UK busty hotness! P.S. Spank me..