4 Apr 2009

Since it’s april we bring you April Gutierrez


April Gutierrez is a young 23- year old model from Houston, Texas that has a lot of things to offer. She’s got an incredible body and she would love to work with experienced photographers that have a different vision or look who can get the best out of her. She wants to get stylish photos and she’s willing to collaborate with the best just to get more quality photos in her portfolio.

That makes me feel a bit upset because i think i’ve failed with my career. I should’ve been a photographer just to help hot chicks like her to get more sexy pics in their modelling portfolios. Of course, i would have helped her with anything else including a soft massage and a couple of hours of pleasure but we would all help her with that right? In the end, i don’t think she needs stylish and extravagant pictures. She’s got a great body, no need to do something strange that no one would enjoy.

She just has to take off all her clothes and I’m pretty sure that every man would love those pics. We’ll probably hear more about  April Gutierrez in the future.


[Source: GorillaMask]