5 Apr 2017

This Simple Time Trick Can Let You Accomplish And Earn More This Year

A lot of books, articles, blogs, and columns that have been written on productivity. In fact, while I’m churning out these words right now, I can bet my life on it that a dozen more writers are doing the very same thing right now: writing something connected to how we could do more and earn more.

Time Trick

In this modern age, everyone just wants to squeeze more things in  day, be more productive, and certainly be able to just do more work. After all, we don’t want to waste our time. In the end, we work extended hours, feel worn out, get slower, and just feel miserable. So what’s the problem?

It’s how we handle time.

But don’t worry mate, here’s a simple trick that can help you manage time better. You’ll actually be surprised on how simple this is but it actually gives you the best insight on how you manage your precious hours.

Just keep track of it.

Yes, that’s right. There’s nothing special required. Just get a notebook and start tracking your time. Log everything you do and for how long you do it from the time you wake up until you go to bed. Even for logging it in just a day would already surprise you.

Here are the benefits and insights that time tracking would provide you.

#1 You can strategize better.

By taking a look at how your day goes by and how you manage your time, you will see which hours of the day you are most productive and when you obviously slow down because of a number of things. You will also see the things that you need to cut down on doing because they’re eating more of your time than what you expect.

#2 You will see how much time each task REALLY takes.

I’m good at my job so a short article like this one would just take thirty minutes to write, tops? WRONG. Dead wrong. And you’re probably doing the same thing too. Underestimating the time it takes to perform certain things. Now, that you’re tracking them, then you’ll see how much time each task really takes and adjust from there.

#3 You will see how you waste time.

Finally, you will gain some insights n how much time you waste on practically unimportant things like social media, browsing the internet…watching television. It hurts because all those time when you could have been doing more for work, or to earn more, or simply just giving time for yourself, all of those hours wasted and you can never get back. But now that you are aware of how much extra time you’re actually wasting, it will give you more freedom to budget your time more effectively.