9 Dec 2011

Simone Villas Boas shows off her incredible bikini body

Alright guys, how about we kick the day off with a couple of brand spanking new swimwear photos of Brazilian supermodel Simone Villas Boas? Sounds great, eh? I’ll take that collective silence as a yes because it almost confirms that you’re already drooling over this peach and you’re probably not even capable of thinking about reading this right now.

But I’ll still go on… so here’s my new crush from Brazil, the uber sexy Simone Villas Boas making a grand return on our site and busting out the curves in this new swimwear photoshoot for Venus. Most of you guys might remember that just a month ago we’ve posted another breathtaking photoshoot with this peach modeling Venus swimwear (that I’m sure you all loved) and.. guess what?

This new batch of photos is just as hot as the previous photoshoot if not even better! Having said that,  I’m going to stop right here and leave you guys click on the sexy photos below. Enjoy!