27 Jun 2013

Simone Villas Boas hotness – from Venus, for Venus

You take a look at that top picture.. and forget about everything else, even your God given name. When the Brazilian supermodel Simone Villas Boas shows off her groovy little body while modeling in sexy bikinis for a brand new photoshoot for Venus you don’t really care about anything else, just wonder.. would I stand a chance?!

Well, stop wondering, ’cause you wouldn’t stand a Popsicle’s chance in hell! Pause your drooling for a second and glance at this uber cute bombshell – she’s out of our league, she’s out of this world. I do have to note that, in my eyes, she looks a lot like Cameron Diaz, and they both have something in common – they both are super sexy.

Simone’s got one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever drooled over and she’s doing a pretty damn great job of staying on my radar. I totally dig this peach and her natural beauty. I’m going to stop right here and feel lucky I get a chance to click on the sexy photos below. Enjoy!